Rosie Barber

Medium: Painting

Location: 12 Mt Eliza Way, Mount Eliza

Mel Ref: 101 G12

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Parking: On street

Disabled Access: Yes but not wheelchair

These works are subject to copyright.

OPEN ONLY on Open Studio Weekend of 16 & 17th this year

Rosie is an Australian artist from the Mornington Peninsula who has been painting for more than 30 years working with numerous mediums. In recent years oil painting has become her passion.
Rosie says, ‘Oil provides greater flexibility, definition and more effectively interprets the mood of my subject’.

Her style is graphically strong with complex detail and shadowing, resulting in realistic subjects.
Her focus is on 3 main subjects: Sculptural Flowers, Beachscapes and Landscapes;
her childhood summer holidays at Sorrento beach and her present home depicting the farm and winery landscapes of Mornington Peninsula.

Rosie believes art reflects the personality and style of the purchaser, and the art should “complement the statement a person wishes to make about a space in which they hang it”.

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