Jim Boland 

Medium: Metal Art

Location: 95 Graydens Rd, Hastings.

Mel Ref:

Contact Details

p. 0409 794 981

e. jim-boland@bigpond.com

w. https://www.facebook.com/jimbolandmetalart/

Parking: On property

Disabled Access: Yes

These works are subject to copyright.



I have always loved nature and draw on the shapes and forms found throughout.

Utilising my skills and experience with steel allows me to replicate the beauty of nature

in a medium that is strong, rugged and enduring .

My works encompass a variety of subjects from flowers, leaves and trees to marine life,

birds and insects. 
I have been working full time on my art for about three years and feel I have barely scratched the surface of what I am capable of. I have many more design ideas that I

can’t wait to bring to life to achieve my goal of being a sought after artist of unique and high quality works.              

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