Gary Goodrich

Medium: Painting, Sculpture and assemblage

Location: 1 The Avenue McCrae 3938

Mel Ref: 158 J11

Contact Details

p. 5981 2939



Parking: Yes 4 car spots

Disabled Access: No

These works are subject to copyright.


I have always enjoyed making things. I paint, carve, assemble, use found objects and recycle materials.

My work is about my life; where I live, what I have seen and who I am. I work intuitively, allowing my work to evolve instinctively.

Spending 36 years as a Secondary Art teacher inspired me in many ways, with the combination of young minds and ever present opportunities to create and recreate having produced a constant curiosity and openness to what can be.

I am a collector working with an abundance of materials around me, as an elderly artist friend said to me, “I am living in paradise.”

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