Diane Williamson

Medium: Pencil, Oils, Acrylic

Location: 8 Kathleen Crescent, Mornington, Victoria

Mel Ref: 145 K5

Contact Details

p. 5976 8316

e. diane@pw.cx

w. dianewilliamsonartist.com

Parking: Yes 5 spots

Disabled Access: Yes

These works are subject to copyright.


OPEN ONLY on Open Studio Weekend of 16 & 17th this year

Art gives me peace and focus – I am doing what I am here for.

Why do I paint?     “Because the bee must make honey!”

As ideas are not material or limited“ things” and they come to me without any effort or focused decision to “think something up”, I feel that my work comes from beyond my physical self. They come to me complete in an instant; I do not “think them up” or struggle with “mental blocks”.

I create what is given to me. 

After it appears in thought, I mentally navigate the image in my mind, sometimes for a few weeks, even deciding format, shape and size, which brushes and techniques I will use.  I then copy the painting from my thought onto the canvas or board quite quickly, but spend a lot of time on composition and final details.

My art is about looking beyond the outward physical sense of things to find the spiritual qualities that material things represent in a search for significance and depth. I take many photographs of the places I go to, recording every aspect of the place –  textures, shapes, colour juxtapositions, atmospheric effects, the character of lines and patterns in nature. I sometimes combine these aspects out of context (regarding shape and space), but seeing them as multitudinous parts of the complete harmonious creation that actually WE are all a part of.

While painting I am completely absorbed thinking about every brushstroke and the unity of the universe while listening to music, but I also like a dynamic image. Recently I have been interested in moving away from the replication of material things to an abstract depiction of the essence of something…(music for example…see “SOMETHING NEW” on my website).

My art gives me the opportunity to uplift the public consciousness to a higher level of awareness of the good and the beautiful in the world.

If ARTISTS don’t bring the beauty and harmony of the world to our attention, WHO WILL?

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