Ria Brenchley


Medium: Painting

Location: High Cliff Farm, 445 Keys Road Flinders

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Mel Ref: 260 J10

Contact Details

p. 0410 401 241

e. ria.brenchley@outlook.com

w. riabrenchley.com

Parking: On site

Disabled Access: No

These works are subject to copyright.


Just over a year ago, Ria and her family moved from outer Melbourne to Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula. Ria found her creative home, and now paints full time.
As an artist living and working in Flinders, Ria describes being surrounded by inspirational scenery which directly influences her paintings.  Ria is known for her depiction of rugged coastlines, golden pastures, sunny beaches and hay bale harvests.

Ria’s landscape technique exploits the palette knife and results in highly textural paintings full of colour and movement. Her current series celebrates the space and forms of the landscapes, human interaction within the landscape from farming to leisure and the joy of summer in the region.

As an artist Ria is also drawn to painting oversized, detailed flowers. Their delicacy, intricate folds, colours and varieties are a never ending delight – a reminder of the influence of her botanist grandmother who encouraged her to look at detail and appreciate beauty of even the smallest plant. Ria paints in acrylic, oil and pastels.

Ria aims to continually challenge herself and grow, and to produce consistent high quality work which reflects the beauty that surrounds us in an uplifting way.



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