John Trebilco

Medium: Oil, Acrylic, Charcoal, Graphite

Location: 8 Kathleen Crescent, Mornington, Victoria

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Mel Ref: 251 K5

Contact Details

p. 0418 531 977



Parking: Yes 5 spots

Disabled Access: Yes

These works are subject to copyright.

I studied Graphics and Illustration at Prahran further studies at RMIT and

also completed courses in sculpture and moulding techniques at Monash.

I am a very fortunate artist who has had some of the best jobs in the world.

Starting my career as a graphic artist for Melbourne Printers, I soon took a

creative step forward when I started what turned out to be 35 years as a scenic

artist for ABC Television and Crawford Productions, (Channel 9 and 7). I

produced 3 dimensional images, backdrops and wall finishes for literally

hundreds of well known programs such as Homicide, Division Four, The

Great Air Race, One Summer Again, Countdown, Micallef, D-generation, Full

Frontal, In Melbourne Tonight, Big Gig, Sea Change, MDA, various ballets

and Operas.

Over a number of years I have designed, constructed and painted interactive

children’s displays throughout an entire school building for The Gould League

as the major part of their recycling education program for schools.

In 2002 I worked on a period film called “Love’s Brother”.

This Mediterranean love story often revolves around the gradual appearance

of a fresco painted by a gypsy artist ( Reg Mombasa)….I was the off – camera


I have created many indoor and outdoor murals environmental themes for

wildlife parks and the Phillip Island Penguin Parade Visitors Centre.

Working together with a marine biologist, I illustrated a book for

children on dolphins and sharks and wrote and illustrated other short stories.

I am currently doing my own thing here in Mornington, Painting, Drawing,

and gardening. Occasionally I put my artistic interest into a Childrens book

sparked by our grandchildren. But its the surf coast and landscape of the

Peninsula that spurs me on to paint its Beauty.



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