Diane Williamson

Medium: Pencil, Oils, Acrylic

Location: 8 Kathleen Crescent, Mornington, Victoria

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Mel Ref: 145 K5

Contact Details

p. 5976 8316

e. diane@pw.cx

w. dianewilliamsonartist.com

Parking: Yes 5 spots

Disabled Access: Yes

These works are subject to copyright.

For me, ART is about love and feeling  peaceful  and  at one with inspiration that comes from beyond my personal self.

I paint the things that I love …as a way of becoming closer to them and I hope that you love what I paint !

I take many photographs of the places I go to, recording every aspect of the place from the textures of the moss, stones and bark, the character of branch patterns and repeated shapes to the colours, light effects and cloud shapes. I then think about these aspects and how, as multitudinous parts, they complete a harmonious whole that actually WE are a part of.

I mentally complete the painting in my thought, sometimes instantly, sometimes over some months, even deciding which brushes and  techniques I will use.  I then “copy” the painting from my thoughts onto the canvas quite quickly.

I am aware of the interrelationships between all living things and the fact that what we contemplate becomes our experience, so I want to express my love of the beauty in the world to the viewer. We are all then at one with the inspiration of the place I have painted. I endeavour to look into and beyond the outward physical sense of things and to emphasize the harmonious interactions of nature within itself.

When I am painting I am completely absorbed thinking about harmony and forms but I also like a dynamic image. I like to often use a circular composition as a circle is the symbol of completeness and wholeness.

I rarely paint people or figures unless it’s a portrait, because to me, people are the ones who destroy nature so I don’t want them included. A person in a landscape , even a surrealistic one, is an alien or artificial element. I prefer things that are untouched by man.

Artists create for different reasons but we have the opportunity to uplift the public consciousness to a greater recognition and appreciation of the GOOD in the world and this is always my aim.

Why do I paint?     “Because the bee must make honey!”  and I hope my paintings add to your appreciation of Life.

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